From Ballroom to Bachata, this channel is a collection of dance-related videos and shows!

Dance Channel


Watch practical reviews on photography products so you can choose what's best for you.
Season Premiere: November 1, 2018


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See how everything comes together with a behind-the-scenes look!

WELCOME to Virak Video, an online television network!

I needed a better way to organize my YouTube content and I've done so here on Each "channel" will contain a different "show/series" of its respective title.

​The DANC (Dance) Channel contains original music videos I've produced as well as video coverage of local dance events.

The PHTO (Photography) Channel is a place for photographers to go who seek advice on photography products and photographic techniques. Shows are currently in development so it will currently link you to my personal photography page,

The FOOD (Food) Channel will help you find the best places to eat as we hunt for unique and/or traditional restaurants.

​The VLOG (Vlog) Channel is exactly that; a collection of Vlogs for those interested in the behind-the-scense aspect.

If you're interested in participating or if you have feedback to give us, please do so in the form provided here. Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you, soon!

-Virak Chhang,

Executive Director

Hungry but not sure where to go? This channel will help you decide!