In order to preserve the authenticity of this project, all featured participants are interviewed strictly on a volunteer basis. No paid actors or testimonies will be featured on past, current or future episodes of #DanceIsDance. 

The goal of this project is to promote dancing of all types and all levels. It is designed to encourage dancers of all backgrounds to embrace the healing properties of dance.

If If you're interested in participating please fill out the contact form and someone will be in contact with you to set up a time, date and location for shooting. We are looking to hear your story about dance and how it's affected your life.

Episode 6 (Air Date 11.17.19)

Frank, Nadine, Boulevard

Episode 4 (Air Date 10.27.19)

Andrea, Krystal, Anton

Episode 3 (Air Date 10.19.19)
Fata, Lan, Paul

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Season 1 


I interviewed over 20 people about what dance means to them and all of their answers were different. My intention with this project is to show that all their reasons hold merit and that dance is for everyone.

- Virak

Episode 1 (Air Date 8.24.19)
Essie, Fatimah, Tiffany

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There are two parts of the process: an interview process (3-20 minutes) and you will be asked to dance in front of the camera (without a partner). You agree to be filmed and for the content to be shared. You will not be required to do anything beyond your comfort level.

You will be asked to sign an additional release form prior to filming. By sending your information you agree that you understand that this is on a volunteer basis and that no compensation will be provided.This includes digital copies of your interview, cut portions and copies of your dance routine.

VirakPhoto, Inc and Virak Chhang reserves all rights/ownership to footage and reserves the right to distribute, share and post publicly. Some or all of the footage may not be included in the final cut of respective episodes.
​If you do not agree to these terms, do not proceed.

Thank you for your interest!



"Dance has different meaning to everyone. It is not defined by how they move but rather how the movement makes them feel." - Virak Chhang

Episode 2 (Air Date 8.31.19)
Terissa, Tara, Sami

Episode 5 (Air Date 11.03.19)

Jem, Candice, Victoria